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Research into the Status of Special Administrative Regions in China

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This article analyzes the legal status of special administrative regions in China. This type of territorial unit occupies a special place and has a specific legal status, which is especially noticeable in relations with the central authorities. The authors focus on the historical prerequisites for the formation of such a legal status and analyze the current situation. A special feature of this study is the research methodology, since a comprehensive analysis requires the use of a mixed research method. The conclusions reached by the authors can be used to formulate a new form of government.

About the Authors

N. Symaniuk
Ural Federal University
Russian Federation

Nina Symaniuk – Associate Professor, Department of Theory, Methodology and Legal Support of State and Municipal Management, Graduated School of Economics and Management

19 Mira St., Yekaterinburg, 620002

O. Tomberg
Ural Federal University
Russian Federation

Olga Tomberg – Professor, Department of Linguistics and Professional Communication in Foreign Languages

19 Mira St., Yekaterinburg, 620002

X. Zhang
Shanghai University

Xiaowen Zhang – PhD Student

Shangda Rd., BaoShan District, Shanghai, 200444


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Symaniuk N., Tomberg O., Zhang X. Research into the Status of Special Administrative Regions in China. BRICS Law Journal. 2021;8(4):62-75.

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