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This article provides an overview of the federal administrative justice system in Argentina. It begins with an explanation of how the power to enact procedural law and to organize administrative courts is distributed between the federal state and the local states. It then describes the core constitutional and statutory principles and structures of administrative jurisdiction and the courts, and discusses the lack of a general special procedure to deal with actions involving the federal state and federal subject matter issues (except for interim measures and ‘amparo’ proceedings). The article goes on to provide an explanation of what is currently happening regarding class actions within this context, and it ends with remarks by the author on some provisional conclusions.

About the Author

F. Verbic
National University of La Plata School of Law and Social Sciences
Russian Federation

Adjunct Professor of Procedural Law II, National University of La Plata School of Law and Social Sciences,

Avenida 25 No. 788, La Plata (CP 1900)


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For citation: Verbic F. AN OVERVIEW OF ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE IN ARGENTIN. BRICS Law Journal. 2016;3(2):57-66.

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