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The BRICS countries have aspirations to achieve sustainable development in their economies and environmental protection. These aspirations have an important social aspect in the area of employment protection as it relates to ensuring fair development. In order to establish national standards for dismissal protection in four of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) the authors have considered the legislation and relevant national case law. This paper includes a review of International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards of dismissal protection, which are used as a pattern for comparison. The paper consists of five parts: the first deals with the history and explores the legal standards adopted in the ILO Convention No. 158; the remaining four parts present the research on each of the national dismissal protection systems in the four BRICS countries under study. The authors conclude that even though the national systems are different and have dissimilar scopes in respect of dismissal protection, their regulations are largely in line with the Convention, which has not been ratified by any of the BRICS countries; and that international instruments even without ratification may be a helpful instrument for shaping the national system of dismissal protection, and for providing guidance to policymakers and legislators.

About the Authors

E. Sychenko
Saint Petersburg State University
Russian Federation

Associate Professor, Law Faculty

7 22nd Line of Vasilievsky Island, Saint Petersburg, 199106, Russia

M. Laruccia
Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo

Associate Professor of Business, School of Economics, Business and Accounting

710 Capote Valente St., São Paulo, 05409-002, Brazil

D. Cusciano
Getúlio Vargas Foundation and National School of Business and Insurance

Ph.D. Candidate, Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Adjunct Professor

710 Capote Valente St., São Paulo, 05409-002, Brazil

I. Chikireva
Tyumen State University
Russian Federation

Associate Professor, Labor Law and Entrepreneurship Department

38 Lenina St., Tyumen, 625000, Russia

L. Wenpei
China University of Labor Relations

Professor, Vice Dean of the Law School

45 Zengguang Rd., Haidian District, Beijing, 100048, China

P. Smit
North-West University
South Africa

Associate Professor of Labor Relations, School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

11 Hoffman St., Potchefstroom, 2520, South Africa


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Sychenko E., Laruccia M., Cusciano D., Chikireva I., Wenpei L., Smit P. DISMISSAL PROTECTION IN THE BRICS COUNTRIES IN LIGHT OF ILO CON VENTION No. 158. BRICS Law Journal. 2019;6(4):34-66.

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