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The influence of terror ideology on religious, continental and Anglo-Saxon legal systems is described in this article. The article sets out the specifics of modern terror ideology, its distribution mechanisms, the degree of danger of terrorism to certain states and the need for the creation of an interstate anti-terror ideology protection system. In order to achieve effective research results, it was based on a combination of the various methods accepted in domestic law, including the general, general scientific, interdisciplinary and special methods.

About the Authors

N. Zhiltsov
International Law Institute, Moscow
Russian Federation

Nikolay Zhiltsov (Moscow, Russia) – Rector 
(4 Kashenkin Lug str., Moscow, 127427, Russia)

O. Cherdakov
International Law Institute, Moscow
Russian Federation

Oleg Cherdakov (Moscow, Russia) – Vice Rector 
(4 Kashenkin Lug str., Moscow, 127427, Russia)


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For citation: Zhiltsov N., Cherdakov O. THE DESTRUCTIVE INFLUENCE OF TERROR IDEOLOGY ON LEGAL SYSTEMS. BRICS Law Journal. 2015;2(2):25-33.

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